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I'm a Mathematical Data Science student at the University of Houston with a background in Statistics, Computer Science, Programming and Digital Media Marketing. I'm a driven individual who's always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow both academically and professionally.

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10/2022 - Now

01/2023 - Now

Junior IT Technician

Tilman J. Fertitta Family College of Medicine

  • Provided support to 35 users, troubleshooting hardware and software issues and resolving 90% of issues within 2 hour
  • Installed MS Office Suite on 25 workstations, increasing office efficiency and employee productivity by 20%
  • Created documentation for routine tasks and procedures and maintained accurate records of customer interactions and resolutions in a customer database

Promotional Media Coordinator (Volunteer)


  • Developed and implemented engaging content for branded websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram platforms to increase digital exposure by 35%
  • Created social media content in collaboration with content team resulting in 25% growth in social media following
  • Monitored and analyzed social media performance using analytics tools and made data-driven decisions to improve engagement

Bachelor of SCIENCE IN Mathematical- Data Science




University of Houston

Houston, Texas

Skills & Proficiencies


Python, SQL, RStudio


Content creation and marketing

Strategic Planning


American English

Vietnamese (Native)

My Works

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Web Design

A website showcases the findings of a reverse genetic analysis project investigating the function of the AT1G66680 gene in Arabidopsis Thaliana.

#Weebly #UX #Canva #ContentCreation #Design

Built in Weebly, and designed using Canva. The layout is optimized for an exceptional user experience, with an easy-to-navigate interface that presents findings in a clear, concise, and visually appealing manner.

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SOCIAL MEDIA management


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@iucrcbraincenter's content and social media campaigns aim to engage industry innovators, academic teams, and government leaders by showcasing the innovative research conducted within their organization. The goal is to inspire young researchers and students in STEM fields while strengthening relationships with followers and driving conversions.


The NSF Brain Center Newsletter, Spring 2023 Issue 1, aims to update its readers on the recent research progress, upcoming events, and various activities conducted by the center. The newsletter features articles, interviews, and news about the latest outreach events, workforce development and achievements of BRAIN members.

#Canva #EmailMarketing #EmailDesign #html #MailChimp

Designed using Canva. The layout features a clean, uncluttered design with consistent branding elements and an optimized color scheme that provides an exceptional user experience. The easy-to-navigate interface presents findings in a clear, concise, and visually appealing manner

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